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Respite services provides developmentally appropriate options to families by allowing a short-term break in care giving for their child. SL Start provides adequate supports to meet health, safety and supervision needs including: housing, meals, basic hygiene supplies, furnishings, and clean linens.  


If a child will be participating in community activities while receiving Respite Services, the family will be responsible for any associated costs as agreed to in advance. 


Our Direct Support Staff are trained to provide physical assistance, support, and protective supervision to the client in their daily routine activities. Additionally, Direct Support Staff will be nurse delegated or licensed to meet needs when clients cannot self-medicate.  


Additionally, SL Start employs or contract with a behavior specialist available to train and provide oversight to staff working with the individuals receiving Respite Services.  


This includes participation in the development/implementation of the child’s functional assessment and/or positive behavior support plan and data collection. 


We provide parents the opportunity to participate in the observation and development of therapeutic teaching and training techniques employed by staff working directly with the child accessing Respite Services. 

SL Start currently provides dedicated respite care services in King and Snohomish Counties. The minimum stay is one week, the maximum stay is two weeks at a time.


There is a wait list for families desiring more than two weeks every three months in the event we are unable to fill a respite bed. It is the responsibility of the Case/Resource Manager to let the Resource Manager know if a family would like their child’s name added to the wait list.

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